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Our Experience, in a Nutshell

Below is a list of past engagements listed alphabetically by industry.
Due to agreements, we cannot disclose client names publicly, but we are happy to discuss privately.

Client: Global Advertising & Marketing Agency

A global advertising & marketing agency with 4,000+ employees in 16 countries. Our client provides a wide range of online & offline advertising, marketing, and branding services to major companies worldwide.

Services Provided: PPC

The client wanted to have a 3rd party (us) review the PPC accounts they managed for two of their largest clients, a major credit card brand and a large tour operator with $2+ million annual spending, to ensure they are performing optimally. We identified efficiencies that would deliver a 20% savings in spending without affecting the volume of leads generated.


Client: Local Construction & Remodeling Company

An award-winning Northern Virginia based, custom high-end home builder with divisions specializing in design+build construction, major renovations, and exterior remodeling in Northern Virginia, D.C.  and Maryland.

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, CRO

We provided this client with a range of digital marketing services including search engine optimization and Local SEO, pay-per-click management and conversion rate optimization. The client generated a steady stream of leads from PPC while their website ranked near the top of the first page for a selection of targeted terms.


Client: Major As Seen On TV Products Marketer

The largest marketer of As Seen On TV products whose portfolio includes many household names, such as the Snuggie. This client uses a multi-channel marketing strategy to sell their products directly to consumers.

Services Provided: PPC

We created and managed pay-per-click campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads to  drive product sales for this client. We doubled the client’s sales over their previous marketing provider, while improving gross margins by 80%.


Client: Leading Wine Accessories Retailer

One of the largest wine accessories retailers and manufacturers  in the United States. This client utilizes a multi-channel strategy, including traditional retail, mail catalogs, and e-commerce, to reach wine enthusiasts.

Services Provided: PPC, SEO

We improved this client’s e-commerce store’s search engine optimization by optimizing both the technical and content aspects of their website. We further managed their PPC campaigns generating hundreds of thousands in sales.


Client: Major D.C. Area University

A department of  a major university in the D.C. metro area that offers non-degree  programs, throughout the year, to students of all ages.

Services Provided: SEO

This client retained us to assist them with improving their website’s search engine optimization. We performed a technical audit of their website, a content audit, and keyword research. After implementing our recommendations, the client saw a significant improvement in website performance & rankings.


Client: Purchaser of Annuities

Based in the D.C. Metro area, this company purchases annuities & structured settlements from individuals in need of immediate cash.

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, CRO

We were retained to generate leads of consumers eligible for the company’s service. We created PPC campaigns that generated hundreds of leads meeting the client’s target cost-per-lead. We continuously tested & optimized the website’s landing pages resulting in double-digit improvement in conversion rates. 


Client: Disease Research & Prevention Organization

A disease research organization, part of a major health system in the Southwestern United States. This organization’s initiatives include recruiting individuals to be part of various studies.

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, UX

We were tasked with improving the client’s website’s user experience and search engine optimization in order to improve the recruitment rate for their studies. Furthermore, we complemented their recruiting campaign with lead generation through PPC, helping them meet their recruiting targets.  


Client: Manufacturer of Metalworking Equipment

A manufacturer of metalworking equipment with presence in 4+ countries and worldwide distribution. Their clients range from large manufacturers, to small shops and hobbyists.

Services Provided: SEO, UX

We assisted this client with improving their website’s search engine optimization and user experience. Our work included extensive technical, local, and international optimization and content improvement. Furthermore, we performed user research to identify user pain points and improve user experience.


Client: Connected Car & Location Services Provider

This publicly-listed Silicon Valley-based company delivers connected car and advertising solutions built on their location platform. Their customers include both consumers & enterprise.

Services Provided: PPC, CRO

We were tasked with driving app downloads for the client’s direct-to-consumer navigation app. Furthermore, we were tasked to generate leads for their B2B division targeting enterprise customers in search of mobility solutions such as fleet tracking.


Client: Charity Dedicated to Ending Pet Homelessness

Leading charitable animal welfare organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets. The organization helps find homes for hundreds of thousands of pets every year.

Services Provided: SEO, UX

We were tasked with improving the website’s usability and search engine optimization. The clients goal was to improve the website’s rankings, and to make the site easier to navigate, with the ultimate goal to promote and increase pet adoption.


Client: D.C. Area Residential Rental Finder Agency

Based in Washington, D.C. this company helps renters find a home to rent. The company simplifies a renter’s search by giving renters access to all homes available for rent.

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, CRO

The client’s primary source of leads is their website. We were able to increase the number of leads while significantly reducing the cost per lead, compared to the client’s previous marketing provider. We also performed continuous landing page testing resulting to improved conversion rates. Finally, we optimized their website resulting to improved search engine rankings.


Client: D.C. Metro Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Based in Northern Virginia, this full service brokerage assists clients throughout the D.C. metro area. The company works with home buyers, home sellers, as well as rentals.

Services Provided: PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media

We were tasked with developing a strategy that will generate leads in the short and long term. We launched PPC campaigns to assist with generation of leads in the short term, while at the same time we implemented an elaborate content marketing plan and social media strategy to establish the company as experts in their target areas.


Client: Foreclosure Prevention Company

Based in the D.C. Metro area, our client assists individuals facing foreclosure around the country by challenging the bank’s foreclosure proceedings.

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, CRO

We assisted this client with generating 100s of leads through Google Ads and Bing Ads. We further assisted the client with performing search engine optimization for their website, as well as developing a content strategy for their blog, in order to generate leads organically.


Client: Major International Travel Agent Network

With over $20 billion in sales, and a network of more than 40,000 travel agents,  this company is one of the largest players in the travel industry.

Services Provided: PPC, CRO

Our primary engagement with this client was to generate leads for their network of travel agents. We developed an elaborate multi-campaign structure, that targeted searchers with city-level precision, generating tens of thousands of leads per year for their travel agents.

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