About Us

You need an Expert Marketer on your team.
Learn why that should be us.

Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition.

Our competitive advantage is our ability to evaluate an organization’s online marketing needs on a high/strategic level,
while having the skills and experience to perform hands-on campaign management and implementation.

Who We Are

Expert Marketer is a boutique digital marketing agency located in McLean, VA, just outside Washington, DC.

We are a very small, but very experienced team that helps companies grow their business online.

We have worked with a wide range of clients, from small local shops to Inc. 500 and publicly traded companies, in a variety of industries including travel, finance, real estate, consumer electronics, software, e-commerce, media, consulting, construction, and direct marketing.

Over the years, we have generated tens of thousands of leads and tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

Meet Us

Our Value Proposition

20 for the price of 2. That is, 20 years of experience for less than what it would cost you to hire a junior person with 2 years experience.

Today, few industries can survive without a robust online marketing strategy. How do you go about acquiring the online marketing expertise you need?

1. Hiring staff
Will you search for a single person experienced in PPC, SEO, Content, and Analytics? Or will you hire 4 separate people? Will they be junior or senior people?

2. Hiring a marketing agency
Marketing agencies can survive only by hiring junior people to manage client accounts. You can hire a traditional marketing agency, but you will pay top dollar and will most likely get assigned a junior person.

3. Expert Marketer
With Expert Marketer you get to work with a senior marketer, a person that would normally cost you over $170,000 to hire.


Position Experience Average Salary
SEO Manager 1-3 Years $62,000
PPC/SEM Manager 1-3 Years $72,000
Copywriter 1-3 Years $55,000
Total 1-3 Years $189,000
Expert Marketer 20+ Years $54,000